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Thursday, December 16, 2010

So much homework and so little time. balance that on top of the fact that i do not have a single shred of desire to do them. Anyway, I've been typing quite a bit of stuff lately, albeit not school related, and thanks to Microsoft's newer version of Microsoft word, I have started to auto- capitalise my words! Joy. Basically, I could not find the setting which activates auto-correct. I must've de-activated it sometime ago but I can't seem to remember how to undo that.

And while looking out the window just now, I was reminded of the minuscule bug that was trekking along my arm as I gorged myself on kaya toast. Okay, I know, no link. The ice milo was good though.

Moving on to another train of thought, found this dude called Pogo on Youtube! He is the apotheosis of creating music out of snippets of movies or sounds. Not to mention his videos are absolutely darling (enunciated with a posh English accent)!

This video is my favourite. Darth Vader on casual friday, doing a spastic flop-dance against an ambient-esque backdrop. Nice.

Another trend worming it's way onto the already shitty mainstream stage is what I like to call the Triple S. Stupidly Simple Songs. Yea those songs were they have just one or two instruments and God awful lyrics that are overly simplistic or ridiculously angsty. Then again, that's just me but my idea of simple music is:

Oh yea! Just had to bring him into the picture. The melody is simple but ORIGINAL and it's not that hard to follow. Lyrics are child-like yet not flat out "I rode my bike to meet you... Saw you and him... My heart bleeds for you (that one is over used btw)". And what's more, THIS WAS WRITTEN ALMOST 40 YEARS AGO!

Oh oh I'm going to Korea this saturday and I'm not looking froward to it. Cuz I can't read Hangul. My mom's excited though. I'll just buy lots of biscuits and seaweed and station myself in the hotel room while I roll about and sprout pimples.

1:59 AM

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

good news my friends. school is over.

And to ensure that we will never be idle during this rest period, THE BLOODY SCHOOL HAS DECIDED TO DROWN US IN HOMEWORK (picture a needle in the haystack. i'm the needle and the homework is the haystack etc.) . So smart are they, that they claim that "it is easily done!"

ripping my homework up is easily done. DOING the HOMEWORK is NOT EASILY DONE. and someone give them a prize for creating the most nonsensically wrong phrases. what on earth is "exactly similar"? oh and who the hell decided that six people in a ring throwing a hot potato at each other was a RELEVANT ANALOGY to 'simplifying' the explanation behind the stability in the benzene ring? ah yes. it was the most ridiculously temperamental, emotionally unstable, completely illogical, chemistry teacher ever.

in all my ten years having dealt with teachers ranging from soft spoken, to those whose faces turn as red as a baboon's butt when they get mad, she is really the cream of the incapable-of-teaching-and-wholly-unreasonable crop.

i would write her real name except for the fact that i forgot it. okay i don't actually know it at all. so i'll settle for calling her ssa-s'noobab. this work of art had the audacity to stand on the lecture stage in front of a 300 strong crowd of students and throw a screaming tantrum befit of a teething one year old. Amazingly, in the midst of her cacophony, i managed to complete the lecture notes AND construct every single detail of my castle in the sky within the realms of my magical imagination. it was fun and completely free :D

next time i see my dad, i'll convince him to get be four bars of Cadbury White Bubbly! it is scrumdiliumptious!

8:04 AM

Thursday, August 19, 2010

it's august.

YOG was ridic save the part where they lit up the watch tower.

tomorrow is my chemistry SPA practical.

and more importantly of all,


yesh. again. at the most crucial moment...... I GET THE FRIGGIN FLU.

if only i had a dollar for the number of times i've blown my nose these past few days, i'd be swimming in money. now allow me to explain how i acquired this unfortunate malady.

this, my friends, is the influenza virus. or as i like to call it, Bob.

so now Bob here has in his belly 8 noodles. perpetually. he's currently going through a punk phase here, hence the studs and spikes (you know teenagers... always trying to 'express' themselves as an individual). you must also know, he hates broccoli and wears them as a form of disrespect.


someone sponsor my flu vaccine. if i get another flu within the year, somebody gonna hurt real bad. *glares at person who transmitted the flu*

anyhoo, time for the usual unusual bed time story.

i was riding the MRT home with my heavy china guitar in tow. i was minding my own business (which in other words meant that i was staring at people). after a long while of being jostled about and being tsk-ed at for being a blockage, i settled against the pole.

*cue people coming in*

right in front of my were people who i inferred were secondary school teachers. some how, they always manage to dress the same way. they must have some annual congregation to decide what horrible mismatched outfit they're gonna wear every day of the year.

so there they were in all their holy sec school teacher glory, complaining about how they were coerced into playing sports with the kids.

"Seriously," says one of the learned ones " the only time they (students) are well behaved is when they're having class test! otherwise, they're a nightmare!"

and she goes on talking about how some kid hit her with a hockey stick but when she turned around, she could find him. her excuse? " i was disoriented." at this point i was wondering how on earth ANYONE could not spot someone holding a hockey stick. how did she even know it was a hockey stick if she hadn't seen the perpetrator?

out of curiosity, i gave her the up down. she looked like any ol' teacher: long sleeved blouse and maternity pants. and a PRADA handbag. how many teachers possess branded bags? i figured her shoes would be somewhat interesting so i looked down and gasped in horror!

okay, in a nutshell, her foot looked like it was bound by beige wrap plaster cloth with her big toe hanging out.


i should consider venturing into the realm of children story writing. there are probably less that 200 words per book. all i need to do is find myself an illustrator.

anyone willing to work for nuts? i've got plenty of almonds i want to get rid of...

6:35 AM

Monday, July 05, 2010

can someone please give me just ONE unequivocal answer WHY asian boy bands are wearing girls clothes AND are prancing around like it's the most normal thing to do? and someone needs to fix youtube. out of the blue, i find a korean MV with a thumbnail shot of this guy who looks like Draco Malfoy in my recommended videos section.

okay here is the video:

if you are iyiuh, turn down your volume. it's for your own good.

first thing i noticed was this... guy, it seems, wearing what appears to be a bumpy zombie dress with some sparkly material in the center of his chest. then there is another scene with this other guy who has this red striped CAT SLEEVE SHIRT. really, they look extremly effeminate and that is an understatement. and one of them looks like The Situation from jersey shore.

also, another thing i noticed. they really like to grab air don't they?

here's a break down of generic korean boy/ girl band dance moves:

1) zoom in to every single one of the band members or if there are too many, just the lead ones.
2) make a "v" or "w" formation
3) reach above you! clench your fist! pull it back down to your chest!
4) have on your pained face
5) hop around a bit, make it look like your dancing
6) reach in front! clench your fist! pull it back to your chest!
7) do another pained expression but this time, face in the other direction.
8) repeat step 1 -7 but in another room with different clothes.

this is all because i have nothing to do on a monday night after watching fringe (cue angel chorus). WALTER IS THE WORLD'S MOST FASCINATING AND ECCENTRIC GENIUS / TELEVISION CHARACTER. HIS HAIR IS CLEAN AND TOTALLY BEATS ROBERT WHATSHISNAME.

gosh this feels good, ranting. haven't written here in ages! school's horrible and i want to be a shepherd in the 17th century in the alps or something! freedom and green grass y'all!

okay. it's nearly one am and i've got to be in tip top condition tomorrow to think of an excuse as to why i didnt do my homework.

9:33 AM

Saturday, May 01, 2010

so here am i am, in front of the computer herding a little flock of tissue-sheep while trying to unclog my nose. it feels like someone hammered and glued a plunger up there. did i mention someone turned on the waterworks and forgot to turn it off?

i had to sit for this three hour thingy and within the first THIRTY MINUTES, i was halfway through my first packet of tissue. it was so gross cuz i had no where to put them so all the tissue-sheep were scattered all over my table. worst part was, i only brought two packets and for the last one hour, i had to keep my head slightly tilted back just so the room wouldn't flood.

plus the room was cold so it made my nose more clogged up and i had to breathe through my mouth which was irritating my already raw throat. that was a long sentence.

i'm trying to look for a new blogskin but all those skins getting featured are COMPLETELY HOMOGENEOUS. it's like the same person makes one and everyone else follows. then the person in charge of picking 'skin for the day' is too lazy doing god knows what and just picks the skins that look the same.

all the skins have got this vintage photograph feels to it. the picture always is slightly saturated with light blue hues or a little orange-y tinge. if not, there's just one really big word right smack in the centre. like "pernicious" or "dangerous". some are just an oxymoron. "beautiful disaster", "pretty bad" and all the other funny things. the others are just plain cliche. the title is a song lyric and the picture is always a skinny girl who looks lost. oh i saw one that had "chase you there" as the title and the picture is of someones legs.

boring much? we need more COLOUR and VIBRANCY (not that anyone as computer illiterate as i would ever be able to contribute. gawd i'm such a hypocrite.) in blogskins! with as much chocolate and cupcakes weaved into it as possible! then you could title it "delicious" and it would be totally relevant.

just took some pills and i'm feeling whoozy! gonna go sleep :D

p.s. within the time taken to write this post, my herd of tissue-sheep has increased two fold. joy.

12:45 AM

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on the way back home, i passed by my secondary school which was under going reconstruction. well, it's currently in demolition phase now. i know sometime ago i would have and have said that i'd love to see the walls get knocked down but when i passed by the primary side and saw the gaping hole that was the hall, i felt kinda sad.

GP teacher said that Singaporeans tend not to feel attached cuz all the buildings that we've been associated with, homes, schools, etc, are constantly being demolished. with all the reminders gone, attachment flies right out the window.

anyhoo, i was watching dan brown's universe on youtube and he was talking about jesus! a highly controversial figure, if i may say so myself! okay so maybe he's the way i think he is cuz of the things i've heard people say. y'know the "jesus hates gays" or some shit like that (which, btw, totally contradicts the fact that 'jesus loves everyone'. repeat that line over and over again you religious homophobes!)

and i was reading the comments (because i have no life...) and i came across this interesting comment!

1) Homosexuals can reproduce, just not with each other. There are quite a few married homosexuals with kids etc who are still in the closet. 2) Genes don't have to be inherited. Every person that is born has 100s of mutations that come from neither mother or father 3) Genes are complex things and can control more than one function indirectly 4) It's postulated that genes which make women good mothers can cause homosexuality in men..

how intriguing is that!


3:43 AM

Saturday, March 20, 2010

as per usual, i was surfing the Internet, waiting for something interesting to happen.

hence, i went to failblog. and... really nothing much happened.

so i went to the bottom of the page and starting clicking around.

not advisable. the stuff they have is... pretty *ahem* wrong if you get what i mean.

but i came across one of the links and i saw this:

i was like "OMG WE MUST BE RELATED!"

indeed. i was THAT bored.

and because i was so amused, i decided to keep looking through the photos. and the next one made me laugh.

always knew there was something kooky about him.

okay. at this point, i was absolutely tickled and therefore went ahead and delved deeper into the contents of the site. the next thing that stood out came in the form of this:

who knew the smashing pumpkins bore such an uncanny resemblance voldemort and his merry band of death eaters? though i must say, the idea of voldemort in skinnies is a terrible imagery.

someone get me a social life!

4:35 AM


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